Apprenticeship at TRIGEMA

Traditionally, new recruits and young people are highly valued at TRIGEMA. Every year, we train up to 40 young people in our commercial division (as industrial clerks) and in our industrial division (as apparel seamsters, production mechanics, textile product finishers and electrians). Following their apprenticeship at TRIGEMA, our trainees are equipped to embark on interesting careers with great potential. Many of our trainees have remained with us and are now working at various positions within the company. If you are ambitious and hardworking, you can quickly progress in your career at TRIGEMA.

You have graduated from school and want to succeed in the world of work? Then you should consider an apprenticeship at TRIGEMA.

Please send your application including a CV and cover letter to:
TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e.K.
Josef-Mayer-Straße 31-35
D-72393 Burladingen

Telefon: +49 (0) 7475/88 - 176

Industrial Clerk

Industrial clerks train in our purchasing, sales, marketing, e-commerce, finance, HR, production planning and shipping departments. Within these departments they are expected to work responsibly and independently but are part of a well-rehearsed team.

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Apparel seamsters/seamstresses conduct preparatory work and fabrication work. For these tasks, they use sewing as well as other special machinery. The fabrics are cut personally by the seamsters/seamstress, are ironed, fixed and then sewn together into garments. For these kind of tasks, sound knowledge on different kinds of fabrics and materials, various machines, cuts, workflows and quality assurance is necessary.

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Production Mechanic

Production mechanics in the textile industry set up and adjust full and partly automated knitting machines and manufacturing equipment. They put these machines and equipment into operation, monitor, service and repair them. Additionally they plan the flow of materials needed for the production of the grey goods.

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Textile Product Finisher

Textile product finishers work within our finishing, textile coating, printing and dyeing departments. They set up mostly computerised machines and production facilities, adjust process parameters and control finishing processes. To ensure a smooth production process they service machines and production facilities and eliminate minor malfunctions.

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Electrician for the Energy and Building Services

Electricians in in the specialisation Energy and Building Services plan and install electrical facilities related to the power supply and buildings. They fit, launch, service and repair them. This includes the conceptual design of systems related to the power supply and building technology, the fitting of lighting systems, switchgears, control units, receiving installations, broadband communicating systems and telecommunication systems. During maintenance you check the electrical safety devices, identify causes if malfunction and clear faults.

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