Loyalty Bonus

Dear customer,

If you are a new TRIGEMA customer or are not yet benefitting from our loyalty bonus, take the opportunity to register in our Online-Shop in order to take advantage of the benefits offered by our loyalty scheme. You can benefit from reductions of up to 25%.

Purchases eligible for the program are orders sent to your delivery and billing address, dating 1.1-31.12. of the current year, excluding delivery costs and any returned items. Purchases paid for by vouchers are not eligible for the program.

You will carry the bonus stage, respective to your current annual turnover, over to the subsequent year.

Wolfgang Grupp

CEO and owner
By offering this loyalty bonus scheme, we would like to thank our clients who have continuously supported us with their purchases in our Online-Shop and therefore enable us to produce high-quality products 100% Made in Germany. We hope that you will continue to be one of our highly valued customers. TRIGEMA will continue to do everything in its power in order to secure employment in Germany and to guarantee an environmentally friendly and sustainable production.
  • Annual turnover*(after deduction of returns)

    Loyalty Bonus
  • over 250,-€

  • over 500,-€

  • over 750-€

  • over 1000-€

  • over 1500,-€

  • over 2000,-€

  • over 2500-€

As you can see, with a turnover of 1000, -€* you will receive an immediate loyalty discount of 100,-€.
*) The annual turnover consists of every delivered and paid order on our website www.trigema.de to your delivery and billing address between 01.01. – 31.12.2016, after deduction of returns, excluding delivery costs and other discounts or redeemed vouchers.