TRIGEMA - The Company

TRIGEMA W. Grupp KG with its headquarters in Burladingen, was established in 1919 and is Germany’s largest manufacturer of sportswear and casual fashion. The company supplies top-quality sports and leisurewear, as well as underwear and nightwear for women, men and children. TRIGEMA and Wolfgang Grupp, sole managing director and owner in the third generation from 1969 to 2023, stand for state-of-the-art technology, social and economic responsibility and the preservation of Germany as a production location. His children Bonita and Wolfgang Grupp Junior will continue these values in the fourth generation.

Due to its attitude and objectives TRIGEMA is able till now, to manufacture textiles successfully at its base in southwest Germany. TRIGEMA considers doing business as a duty to increase the prosperity of the community. For only those who have work will be able to buy goods. And, only if goods are purchased will there be work. An economy that neglects this mutual effect endangers the prosperity of society in favour of a small group of profiteers.
TRIGEMA Hauptgebäude Verwaltung

At TRIGEMA, all departments

are housed under the same roof. This makes TRIGEMA a community of dedicated employees who share the common goal of successfully developing high quality products in order to retain qualified employees and prevent them from leaving their home base.

The company also sets new ecological standards when it comes to the protection of the environment. Modern washing and bleaching units help reduce pollution, while company-owned power stations supply the production facilities with power from renewable resources. All treatment processes for the production of the garments meet the stringent STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Consumers therefore know that all TRIGEMA products are free of hazardous substances and do not irritate the skin.

Since 2006,

TRIGEMA produces with its „TRIGEMA Change“ collection the most ecological textiles in the world. Healthy and environmentally friendly sports-and leisurewear made out of 100% organic cotton. These products are produced according to the Cradle-to-Cradle® principal, which was developed in cooperation with the international environmental institute EPEA. This principal is based on closed cycles, as no waste is produced and precious raw materials are preserved for future generations. These clothes are 100% biodegradable and when decomposed, they do not leave any residue that cannot naturally disintegrate.
Mall of Berlin

As a multi-channel enterprise,

TRIGEMA markets its products through various sales channels: in 45 outlet stores of approximately 400m² retail space each, all TRIGEMA products are on offer. TRIGEMA also operates one flagship store in the Mall of Berlin in Berlin. The TRIGEMA online shop was launched in 2004 and its popularity with end consumers has increased ever since. Furthermore, the company cooperates with 4500 wholesale customers and supplies companies, clubs, associations and schools with personalized clothing.

Since 1969, the company has never introduced short-time work or made employees redundant due to economic reasons. For many years, TRIGEMA has been training young apprentices in production, administration and sales. The children of TRIGEMA’s 1200 employees are guaranteed an apprenticeship or job within the company once they have graduated from school.