Our Philosophy

„We are proud of our success over the last few decades, despite the huge difficulties the textile industry has faced. We were not only able to keep jobs in Germany, but also increased the number of our employees over the last few years to 1200. I see it as my duty to involve people in the work process and to protect workplaces for the future.

We must not shed more jobs, make valued workers redundant and take future prospects away from our young people. Wages in Germany are not too high, provided that the workers are motivated and deployed in suitable jobs and contribute to a product that is marketable. It is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to establish the necessary business conditions.

Our actions must not be solely guided by goals such as increased power and greater market share, but by solidarity, respect for all members of our community, justice and sustainability. Therefore, it goes without saying, that also in the years to come, I consider it my top priority to look after the interests of all workers in our company and to protect our jobs for the future.

I can assure you, that I will go to any length to meet these objectives.”

Wolfgang Grupp
Sole owner and CEO
TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e.K.