Wolfgang & Elisabeth Grupp Foundation

The charitable Wolfgang and Elisabeth Grupp Foundation provides financial support for the development of several welfare services in and around Burladingen. It also provides quick and non-bureaucratic assistance if urgent problems arise or someone is in immediate need of help.

The foundation, for instance, footed the bill for the initial costs of the new emergency vehicles that were needed by the German Red Cross in Ringingen and the welfare centre in Burladingen. The foundation’s one million Euro donation prompted officials in Burladingen to name their new sports hall the “TRIGEMA ARENA”. The foundation also supported the refurbishment of the town hall. Meanwhile, the foundation has given generous sums to the German Leukaemia and Lymphoma Aid to support their typing activities and the battle against leukaemia. When in 2008 the neighbouring town of Jungingen experienced catastrophic floods, support from the foundation was given to the help for flood damage. Furthermore, the foundation is also active in the cultural sector, such as supporting the Youth Music Festival, which was held in Burladingen. The foundation also donated a new grand piano to the local music school.
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