Plus Size


Well-being is the top priority at TRIGEMA. A positive body feeling and self-confidence in stylish leisure fashion, emphasize your positive charisma. Colourful or discreet in all sizes. - This is TRIGEMA Plus Size

Beauty is only a question of attitude!


Style is a question of taste and quality. The choice between simple elegance or eye-catching patterns is up to you.

Comfortable and healthy clothing - Without chemicals, without harmful substances, with a clear conscience for health.

Fair and sustainable on the road with TRIGEMA Plus Size.
Prepared for any weather and any occasion.
Be a first-rate edition of yourself, not a second-rate from someone else. - Judy Garland
The eyes are the mirror of the soul - The clothes the mirror of self-esteem! Stylish and fashionable with Plus Size by TRIGEMA.
Current trends or timeless classics. No matter what you choose - with TRIGEMA Plus Size you always have the right companion.


Always the right outfit at hand. Dress and feel good no matter in which size. - With TRIGEMA Plus Size

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