For cosy days, relaxing nights and cuddly moments. TRIGEMA nightwear and loungewear ensure pure well-being and ideal wearing comfort. Lovely prints and colourful details round off every taste.

In the nightwear of TRIGEMA, we like to snuggle in. A feeling you cannot describe.

Tag- & Nachtwäsche

Sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in your nose. And a pair of pyjamas, which are often worn a little longer.

Discover the advantages of each individual outfit. At TRIGEMA you will find them all.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. - Nightwear is the cosiest piece of clothing!

With our TRIGEMA nightwear, your favourite clothes can also be worn at night. 
Falling asleep with two worries less: no scratching, no rubbing.

Fair and sustainably produced.
100% quality -
Made in Germany.



It could hardly be more comfortable! With nightgowns for men.


Pyjamas for men and women in highest quality. Because feeling good is the top priority at TRIGEMA.
Also ideal for lingering on the couch: loungewear. Comfortable, cuddly and high-quality. 

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Weitere Produkte für Herren