Maritim Fashion


"Ahoy!" For years, maritime fashion has enjoyed great popularity. Whether striped or with maritime print motifs - especially in summer, garments of this kind fit as good as always!
Get this feeling also at home in your closet with our TRIGEMA Maritime collection.
A light sea breeze, salt on the skin and in the hair and the sun reflecting in the water - this thought of the sea just screams freedom and vacation.
In this outfit, the roaring wind can't harm you on your next sailing trip.
If you prefer to take it a little easier, our nautical leisure suit is also great for a leisurely stroll along the coast.
Of course, not only sailors can wear the maritime look - the sporty-casual, but also smart look always looks good in leisure time or in everyday life.
A cap is always a stylish and also practical accessory in the summer in strong sunshine.
But maritime fashion can not only be chic, but in the right combination with other clothing can also be styled as a sporty, elegant leisure look.
White and blue striped shirts and sweaters have a long history: once Breton coastal fishermen went to sea in them, then in the 19th century they were worn by the French Navy. Today it is the symbol of maritime French chic.
As a change from the classic maritime look in the colors white and blue, bring some fresh air into your closet with this shirt in the orange variant.

Maritim Fashion

In this polo shirt you will definitely cut a fine figure during your next sailing maneuver.
If you prefer leisure activities on land, the polo shirt also does its job here and provides a sporty look.
With the nautical garments from TRIGEMA you carry the love of the coast not only in your heart, but it is also reflected in your closet. These clothes always bring a little bit of vacation feeling into your day when you wear them.

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