Outdoor & Funktion


Make nature your home! For hikes in the fresh air, for protection from wind and weather or for a cosy feeling of well-being. Our outdoor and functional clothing is the ideal companion!

Whether sun or rain. Enjoy the beautiful hours in the fresh air. Well prepared and equipped, nothing can go wrong.


With the TRIGEMA outdoor clothing there is no reason to spend more cool days indoors. Equip yourself with ideal clothing. 

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. TRIGEMA has the right outfit for every weather!
Feeling good is our top priority!
Fleece for everyday and free time, warming, soft and cuddly. Dress and feel good!

Cold times are coming. We look forward to winter calmly - with protected head and warm ears!
Cuddly, soft fleece clothing. For outside and inside.
Enjoy beautiful moments with ideal clothing for every occasion.
Fair and sustainable - our TRIGEMA outdoor and functional clothing.  

We warmly recommend - TRIGEMA functional clothing It's all over the place. Ideal for skiing!

Merino wool! - The most natural temperature regulation in the world. Natural fabrics produced in a fair and sustainable way not only do the skin good, but also feel good!