Outdoor & Funktion


Make nature your home! Enjoy hiking, skiing and sports and feel warm and cosy in all weathers with our ideal outdoor and functional wear.
We can't change the weather but we can adapt what we wear! There is no reason not to enjoy the outdoors if we are properly equipped for all weathers.


There is no reason to stay indoors! Even when it is cold and wet outside - our highly functional outdoor wear will keep you dry and warm in all weathers!
Continuously bad weather? It is cold and wet? Still no reason to stay stuck indoors, if you have the right clothing. TRIGEMA is sure to offer you the perfect outdoor wear that will keep you dry and warm!
Need to catch some fresh air? Then go outside and let your spirit run free. Enjoy exercise in the outdoors and revive your energy levels!
Monday to Sunday - Fleece is a perfect companion on any day of the week and will convince you with its warm, cosy and cuddly properties. Wear it and feel good!

Looking forward to the snow and winter season? Then get prepared and discover the great and warming winter accessories offered by TRIGEMA.
It is easer to get up and get active if we have the perfect outfit for the exercise. TRIGEMA provides you with your perfect sportswear.
Beautiful moments in nature - smile at the world and it will smile back at you!
Cuddly and soft fleece garments - not just for the outdoors - for a cosy warm feeling.
Dress cleverly. It does not always have to be functional wear that keeps you warm in the outdoors. Our polo necks do not want to be missed on walks in the autumn or winter season.
We highly and warmly recommend our TRIGEMA functional wear. Your perfect companion in all weathers.
Promote your advantages and hide your problem areas with TRIGEMA Plus Size fashion. We are sure to offer you the prefect outfit combinations.