Plus Size


Feel good fashion for everyone. A positive body sensation and confidence dressed in stylish leisure wear that will encourage a positive aura. TRIGEMA Plus Size will provide you with the perfect outfit.
You are not perfect? Don't worry, nobody is perfect. Beauty and style are not a question of size - just feel good the way you are.


Style is a question of taste and quality, but never a question of size. Set a symbol of style with TRIGEMA.
Fashionable and comfortable garments - without chemicals and harmful substances. Fashion with a clear conscience, where size does not matter.
Enjoy every moment! If we enjoy and get the most out of life, happy moments will come along by them self.
No more frustration when shopping for big sizes! We have all the trends that you are looking for.
Take some time off when you need it, enjoy life and take it easy.
Perfect cuts for curvy people. You do not need to cover yourself with any kind of clothes, you need to make them stand out.
Current trends and novelties - in Plus Size by TRIGEMA. Discover what suits you.
Why hide yourself if you have a lot to show? Show self confidence with Plus Size Fashion made by TRIGEMA.
Current trends and novelties - in Plus Size by TRIGEMA. Discover what suits you.
Strong characters need expressive fashion. TRIGEMA Plus Size has everything that you need.
Your eyes are the symbol of your soul. Your style of clothing shows your level of self-consciousness. Stay trendy.
To show greatness has something to do with one's inner self - not with one's figure.
Perfect outfits for any occasion. Wear them and feel god about yourself with TRIGEMA Plus Size, no matter the size.
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