Our eco-effective fashion line TRIGEMA Change made of 100% organic cotton! The first compostable garments in the world, fair, ecological and sustainable, for environment and health.
And this year also a fashion line with batik unique pieces: Individual, colourful and fully in trend.


For compostable clothing so that the future of tomorrow is not affected. Opt for the Cradle to Cradle principle. Live in harmony with nature.


One world, one chance. Make a conscious decision for fair and sustainable fashion.


Together we can make the world a little better. 

For a feeling of complete security.


The most sustainable shirt in the world is available at TRIGEMA.
We cannot change the world all at once - but we can make it a little better step by step! One step in the right direction is conscious consumption. 



This year, we also have some unique batiks: Individual, colorful and trendy. Thanks to 100% cotton they also leave a pleasant feeling on the skin. 

Joie de vivre is now again evident in the colour and pattern of the clothing. Batik is back: In 100% cotton.

Our Batik Shirts: Colourful in trend with batik.

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