Our biodegradable and sustainable fashion line made of 100% organic cotton. Protect the environment, health, your conscience and humankind! Fair, ecological and sustainable - the world's first completely biodegradable fashion line.
This is your world, and these are your fellow human beings. You have a choice: live on your own or think about others and help to create tomorrow's future for everyone.


We take responsibility - not just for our company but also for the environment and fellow human beings.
Start your day with a positive feeling! Wear our fashionable organic and sustainable clothing that feels good on your skin.
Comfortable, trendy and healthy - these garments are made without chemicals, harmful substances and with a health conscience. Our children will thank us!
Organic and sustainable - this does not only apply to foodstuff. With TRIGEMA CHANGE we want to create awareness for and offer environmentally friendly clothing.
We say it's time for TRIGEMA Change. We take something from the environment and want to give something back. Rethink by using biodegradable garments.

Setting a trend does not only link to fashion - set a trend in caring for the environment and in creating positive thoughts and ideas.
To think and act sustainably means to have a long term view of the world and one's actions. Look to the future and follow TRIGEMA's example in sustainable fashion.
Organic cotton - fair and sustainable! Organic and sustainable fashion does not have to look dull and be coarse. TRIGEMA Change garments are bright and soft to the skin.
TRIGEMA Change - for me, for you, for us and for the future of our planet.
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