Our biodegradable and sustainable fashion line made of 100% organic cotton. Protect the environment, health, your conscience and humankind! Fair, ecological and sustainable - the world's first completely biodegradable fashion line.
This is your world, and these are your fellow human beings. You have a choice: live on your own or think about others and help to create tomorrow's future for everyone.


Life is an adventure - enjoy it in harmony with nature!
Trendy, comfortable and sustainable fashion - without chemicals, harmful substances and with a sense of wellbeing. Our children will thank us for it.
Organic and sustainable - this does not only apply to foodstuff. With TRIGEMA CHANGE we want to create awareness for and offer environmentally friendly clothing.
We take responsibility - not just for our company but also for the environment and fellow human beings.
To leave one's comfort zone - to go back to nature, back to our roots, back to the beginning.
Organic cotton - fair and sustainable! Organic and sustainable fashion does not have to look dull and be coarse. TRIGEMA Change garments are bright and soft to the skin.
TRIGEMA Change - for me, for you, for us and for the future of our planet.
We cannot change the world all at once - but we can have an impact, by changing it step by step for the better.
Proceed on your path of life, live your dreams and leave a healthy environment behind for those who follow you.
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