Young fashion - fair and sustainably produced. Classic and comfortable for everyday life and free time. New trends and fashion highlights round off this year's autumn/winter collection. A new look every day - that's TRIGEMA forever.

Get that comfortable feeling home. With a TRIGEMA forever outfit.

TRIGEMA forever

Young, dynamic and full of the lust for life - All this radiates TRIGEMA forever.
The reflection on oneself, or pure action. TRIGEMA forever will be happy to accompany you through any experience.
It's the little things in life that make every day worth living. You only have to recognize them!

Comfortable and healthy clothing - Without chemicals, without pollutants, but with style and a clear conscience for health.

With the quality of TRIGEMA forever you can enjoy every moment without worries.
Polo, T-shirt or sweatshirt - the right product for every type.
Soft sweat quality ensures cuddly moments on cold days.

TRIGEMA forever - young, cheeky and fresh with highest quality. Feeling good is our top priority here. 

Cold days and dull weather? Ideal for comfortable loungewear by TRIGEMA forever.


Leave everyday life behind you and enjoy the peace and quiet, because the strength lies in the peace and quiet.

TRIGEMA forever offers timeless classics as well as popular print products. For every occasion of your life.


Sustainable fashion is the future - TRIGEMA has been producing it for 100 years. Enjoy every moment of your life, with clothing that protects the environment during production.

RIGEMA forever will gladly accompany you on your way through the cool days! 

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