Spring / Summer 2017

TRIGEMA Collection Spring / Summer 2017
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T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton white
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton black
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton anthracite
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton cherry
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton navy-blue
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton royal
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton fir
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton sangria
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton dark-grey-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton grey-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton stone-grey-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton jeans-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton
from 24,50 €
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton white
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton black
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton anthracite
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton cherry
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton navy-blue
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton royal
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton dark-grey-melange
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton grey-melange
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton stone-grey-melange
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton chianti-melange
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton jeans-melange
V-Neck Shirt DELUXE Cotton
from 25,50 €
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué white
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué black
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué cool-grey
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué anthracite
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué cherry
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué navy-blue
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué royal
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué azur
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué sangria
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué sapphire
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué lemon
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué
from 49,00 €
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket white
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket black
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket anthracite
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket cherry
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket navy-blue
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket royal
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket fir
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket sangria
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket stone-grey-melange
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket nightblue-melange
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket ruby
Polo-Shirt with Chest Pocket
from 45,00 €
Polo-Shirt - Slim-Fit white
Polo-Shirt - Slim-Fit black
Polo-Shirt - Slim-Fit navy-blue
Polo-Shirt - Slim-Fit
43,00 €
Shorts black
Shorts cool-grey
Shorts anthracite
Shorts navy-blue
Shorts navy/colored
from 68,00 €
Sweatshirt with Zipper white
Sweatshirt with Zipper black
Sweatshirt with Zipper anthracite
Sweatshirt with Zipper cherry
Sweatshirt with Zipper navy-blue
Sweatshirt with Zipper royal
Sweatshirt with Zipper dark-grey-melange
Sweatshirt with Zipper grey-melange
Sweatshirt with Zipper blue-melange
Sweatshirt with Zipper olive-melange
Sweatshirt with Zipper
from 58,00 €
Hooded Sweatshirt black
Hooded Sweatshirt navy-blue
Hooded Sweatshirt nightblue-melange
Hooded Sweatshirt
from 73,00 €
Hoodie Organic Cotton black-C2C
Hoodie Organic Cotton ruby-C2C
Hoodie Organic Cotton navy-C2C
Hoodie Organic Cotton sapphire-C2C
Hoodie Organic Cotton
from 68,50 €
Full Zip Hoodie black
Full Zip Hoodie black/colored
Full Zip Hoodie
from 79,00 €
Hoddie Palm Trees grey-melange
Hoddie Palm Trees
from 83,00 €
Sweat Pants white
Sweat Pants black
Sweat Pants navy-blue
Sweat Pants dark-grey-melange
Sweat Pants stone-grey-melange
Sweat Pants jeans-melange
Sweat Pants
from 47,00 €