Production Process

At TRIGEMA, we produce everything from the cotton yarn to the finished T-shirt under one roof. This approach makes us unique among the textile companies in Germany. Every day, we manufacture up to 20,000 garments. Around 1200 highly qualified employees work hard every day to ensure that all our production processes run smoothly.

TRIGEMA produces its textiles in a four-stage process:

Fabric Production

Every day, our knitting machines turn cotton yarn into ten tons of fabric. We only process top-quality yarns made in Germany or other EU member states. Our industrial round knitting machines operate around the clock and produce cotton textiles with a wide range of finishes, from single jersey to double-ribbed cotton and polyester fleece.

Finishing Department

During the finishing process the fabric is cleaned in modern washing and bleaching units. These machines are optimised for minimum water and energy consumption. For bleaching, we use a particularly environmentally friendly method. As a result, all TRIGEMA products are free of any hazardous substances and skin irritants and conform to the stringent STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. After bleaching, the fabric is cold-dyed. In a last step, the fabric is made shrink-proof in a mechanical process.

Cutting and Garment Assembly

Before the fabric is cut to size, computers calculate the most efficient fabric use, keeping waste to a minimum. The cutting-process at TRIGEMA is fully automated. Stacks of up to 150 layers of fabric are placed on the cutting table and then cut by specialist machines. Our cutting machines can cut fabric at a rate of 18 to 20 meters per minute. The cut parts are transferred to the workplaces of hundreds of seamsters and seamstresses in our three plants in Burladingen, Altshausen and Rangendingen.
Stickerei Veredelung

Embroidery and Printing Shop

The sewn garments are embellished with colour motifs and patterns in our screen printing shop our embroidery shop. Our modern machines allow for fully automated printing of up to 14 colours at the same time. Small batch orders and individual requests for motifs are completed using our digital printing machine. In our embroidery shop, automated machines apply the names and logos of our industrial and B2B customers on the garments. Several twelve-head embroidery machines produce more than five million stitches per hour. These processes enable us to provide you with the opportunity to personally refine your TRIGEMA garments.
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