Social Responsibility at TRIGEMA

Corporate family – we interpret this concept as a company’s sense of responsibility for ist employees – even in difficult times. For a family-owned business like TRIGEMA this means: In the last 45 years, TRIGEMA has not seen any short-time work or redundancies due to lack of work. Furthermore, all of our employees’ children are guaranteed an apprenticeship or a workplace after they graduate from school.

It is a company tradition to celebrate the most important events in the lives of the company and the Grupp family together with all employees. For example 1988 the wedding of Wolfgang Grupp with Elisabeth von Holleuffer, the company’s 75th and 88th anniversaries and big birthdays of the sole owner and CEO, Wolfgang Grupp.

Honesty, trust, community – values that make a family strong. TRIGEMA’s corporate family lives by these principles and relies on a shared sense of community, which does not weaken but keeps growing from generation to generation. Therefore it can happen that, added up together, some families work up to 125 years for the company. Anniversary award celebrations take place regularly for employees who have worked at TRIGEMA for 25, 40 or even 50 years.

Everyone working at TRIGEMA has been given a regular work contract. As a result, our principles when it comes to "work conditions and wages" can be summarised as follows for all members of our workforce:

  • A safe and clean work environment that provides all mandatory protective equipment designed to protect man and the environment.
  • Fair and solid wages paid in line with the pay scale in Germany
  • 100 % wage continuation in case of illness
  • Workers’ representation by our own workers' council
  • Involvement of the company's workforce in all major decisions

We are also aware of our social responsibility in the region. Therefore on the occasion of Mr. Wolfgang Grupp’s 50th birthday, the non-profit „Wolfgang and Elisabeth Grupp Foundation“ was founded. This foundation offers financial help for the development of various social organisations in our region and ensures fast non-bureaucratic assistance for urgent problems and needs.

Environment and Health at TRIGEMA

Environmental protection is something to which TRIGEMA attaches great importance. We only use the latest technology and are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that helps save water and energy. In addition, we constantly improve and optimise our production flow, in particular, with regard to the treatment of process and waste water.

In our main plant in Burladingen we produce our own electricity with a block heating station and two gas turbine power stations. Renewable energy is also of great importance to us and therefore we produce solar energy since 2007. The electricity produced by the solar panels, which cover an overall area of 6000m2, is partially used for our production and partially fed into the grid.

In general, manufacturing our products in line with German regulations makes every TRIGEMA garment a product that is environmentally friendly in contrast to clothing that is made in some foreign countries where only minimal environmental regulations apply. In addition, our local production helps avoid a considerable amount of CO2 emissions as otherwise usual nationwide or international transportation routes are not required.

In addition to our own control mechanisms, we also use other independent institutions to subject our entire product range to regular inspections and have them certified in accordance with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

We are aware that preserving our ecosystems and developing new, sustainable products is one of the most important challenges we face today. This is why we have extended our product range by offering an organic and cradle-to-cradle certified collection called „TRIGEMA Change“. By developing and applying new production methods, the Cradle-to-Cradle principal enables us to produce textiles in an environmentally compatible manner. These textiles, at the end of their product life- cycle, can be returned into the natural cycle without residue.

You as a customer have the opportunity to join forces with us and accelerate this development. Consider choosing an eco-friendly product when purchasing a new garment. Learn more about the conditions in which the product was manufactured. Spend a few Euro more to purchase fair and eco-friendly products and, thereby, invest in innovation and the future. Only if they work together can manufacturers and consumers initiate a change in the way our industry does business. Join us and become a part of this effort!

Statement against mulesing in sheep farming

TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e. K. is an environmentally, conscious and sustainably producing company. As a manufacturer of sports and leisure clothing, we not only have a great responsibility towards the environment, but also towards our customers, employees and suppliers. Social management is a matter of course for us and is just as important to us as animal welfare.

With this statement we distance ourselves clearly from Mulesing. In no way we support painful measures aimed at maximising earnings and sales. We regard mulesing as cruelty to animals and expressly oppose it.

We obtain the merino wool from the New Zealand merino sheep. As proof of the exclusive use of "non-mulesed" merino wool, TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e. K. holds a certificate from Südwolle GmbH & Co. KG on behalf of the auditing company Deloitte GmbH.