Collection Spring / Summer

TRIGEMA Collection Spring / Summer
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Leggings Cotton/Elastane black
Leggings Cotton/Elastane
from 36,50 €
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane white
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane black
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane rosewood
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane cherry
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane skyline
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane jeansblue
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane navy-blue
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane golden-finish
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane mulberry
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane iceblue-melange
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane lemon
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane hibiscus-flower-melange
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane chianti-melange
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane mauve-melange
T-Shirt Cotton/Elastane
from 24,50 €
Long Sleeve Shirt white
Long Sleeve Shirt black
Long Sleeve Shirt magenta
Long Sleeve Shirt cherry
Long Sleeve Shirt ice-blue
Long Sleeve Shirt navy-blue
Long Sleeve Shirt royal
Long Sleeve Shirt mauve
Long Sleeve Shirt grey-melange
Long Sleeve Shirt jeans-melange
Long Sleeve Shirt
from 29,50 €
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals white
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals black
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals navy-blue
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals mauve
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals deep-purple
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals iceblue-melange
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals ruby
Shirt with Swarovski® crystals
from 39,00 €
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane white
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane black
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane skin
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane navy-blue
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane mauve
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane ruby
Bustier Polyamide/Elastane
from 29,50 €
Polo-Shirt without Placket white
Polo-Shirt without Placket black
Polo-Shirt without Placket cherry
Polo-Shirt without Placket skyline
Polo-Shirt without Placket navy-blue
Polo-Shirt without Placket azur
Polo-Shirt without Placket sangria
Polo-Shirt without Placket mulberry
Polo-Shirt without Placket lemon
Polo-Shirt without Placket woodruff
Polo-Shirt without Placket
from 42,50 €
Sports trousers made of elastic microfibre flamingo
Sports trousers made of elastic microfibre
58,00 €
Short Sport Tights black
Short Sport Tights
from 51,00 €
Briefs with Lace white
Briefs with Lace black
Briefs with Lace
from 20,50 €
Tank Top COOLMAX white
Tank Top COOLMAX magenta
50,50 €
Sports Jersey in Melange Style black/colored
Sports Jersey in Melange Style
from 49,50 €
Jacket with glittering rhinestones black
Jacket with glittering rhinestones mauve-melange
Jacket with glittering rhinestones
from 89,50 €