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TRIGEMA Collection TRIGEMA Forever
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Shirt with Flamingos white
Shirt with Flamingos
from 47,00 €
Shirt with Flamingos grey-melange
Shirt with Flamingos
from 43,50 €
T-Shirt with Short Sleeves white
T-Shirt with Short Sleeves black
T-Shirt with Short Sleeves mint
T-Shirt with Short Sleeves hibiscus-flower-melange
T-Shirt with Short Sleeves
27,50 €
T-Shirt with Floral Print grenadine
T-Shirt with Floral Print
from 51,00 €
T-Shirt Summer white
T-Shirt Summer magenta
T-Shirt Summer grenadine
T-Shirt Summer
from 47,00 €
Striped Jersey Dress navy-blue
Striped Jersey Dress
from 69,50 €
Dress with Flower Pattern grenadine
Dress with Flower Pattern
from 65,00 €
Dress with Animal Print mocca
Dress with Animal Print
from 62,00 €
Culottes with Flower Print grenadine
Culottes with Flower Print
from 58,00 €
Culottes black
from 53,00 €
Shorts with Animal Print mocca
Shorts with Animal Print
49,50 €
Sweat Shorts grey-melange
Sweat Shorts
from 53,50 €