Fall / Winter 2018

TRIGEMA Collection Fall / Winter 2018
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Polo-Shirt Organic Cotton white-C2C
Polo-Shirt Organic Cotton black-C2C
Polo-Shirt Organic Cotton ruby-C2C
Polo-Shirt Organic Cotton navy-C2C
Polo-Shirt Organic Cotton
from 55,00 €
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton white
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton black
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton anthracite
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton cherry
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton navy-blue
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton royal
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton fir
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton mandarine
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton sangria
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton dark-grey-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton grey-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton sand
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton deep-purple
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton taupe-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton jeans-melange
T-Shirt DELUXE Cotton
from 25,00 €
Boxers 100% Organic Cotton black-C2C
Boxers 100% Organic Cotton navy-C2C
Boxers 100% Organic Cotton
from 35,00 €
Full Zip Raglan Sweater black
Full Zip Raglan Sweater anthracite
Full Zip Raglan Sweater navy-blue
Full Zip Raglan Sweater
from 80,50 €
Singlet Vest Twin Pack white
Singlet Vest Twin Pack black
Singlet Vest Twin Pack
from 31,00 €
T-Shirt - Slim-Fit white
T-Shirt - Slim-Fit black
T-Shirt - Slim-Fit navy-blue
T-Shirt - Slim-Fit
from 21,50 €
Long Sleeve Shirt with Button Strip black
Long Sleeve Shirt with Button Strip deep-purple
Long Sleeve Shirt with Button Strip taupe-melange
Long Sleeve Shirt with Button Strip
from 42,50 €
T-Shirt with large Print Motif navy-blue
T-Shirt with large Print Motif khaki
T-Shirt with large Print Motif deep-purple
T-Shirt with large Print Motif
from 33,50 €
T-Shirt with Deer Print black
T-Shirt with Deer Print taupe-melange
T-Shirt with Deer Print jeans-melange
T-Shirt with Deer Print
from 36,50 €
T-Shirt Motocross black
T-Shirt Motocross sapphire
T-Shirt Motocross ruby
T-Shirt Motocross
from 33,50 €
Shirt 100% Cotton white
Shirt 100% Cotton black
Shirt 100% Cotton navy-blue
Shirt 100% Cotton khaki
Shirt 100% Cotton
from 25,00 €
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué white
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué black
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué cool-grey
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué anthracite
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué navy-blue
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué royal
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué azur
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué nectarine
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué ivy
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué sangria
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué taupe
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué sapphire
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué deep-purple
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué ruby
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué woodruff
Polo-Shirt DELUXE Piqué
from 50,50 €